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A team of councillors were wowed by plans to create a permanent memorial to the Aycliffe Angels at one of the Royal Ordnance Factories on Aycliffe Business Park.

Six of Newton Aycliffe’s Durham County Councillors – Jed Hillary, John Clare, Kate Hopper, Eddy Adam, Joan Gray and Mike Dixon – visited the former Presswork Metals factory, which is being turned into a mixed-use leisure facility by local family construction firm Finley Structures.

The company’s Managing Director Julie Finley showed them ambitious plans to preserve the heritage and memory of the Aycliffe Angels, who worked at the ROF during World War II.

Cheapest Phentermine Pills

World War II factory to be named ‘ROF 59’ in permanent memorial to Aycliffe Angels

A former World War II munitions factory will become a permanent memorial to the Aycliffe Angels as part of an exciting development which will create up to 20 new jobs.

Newton Aycliffe construction firm Finley Structures acquired the old Presswork Metals factory on Aycliffe Business Park more than two years ago.

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