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Where To Get Phentermine Cheap - Buy Phentermine Atlanta

ROF 59 Activity Day Camps make a great flexible childcare option for during school holidays. Bookable as individual days or week, with the fantastic buy four days get one free and the extended hours options to help with early drop-off or late pick up. With dedicated staff throughout ensuring all children get the most out of these packages. 

Our range of activities offer children the opportunity to pick up new skills and gain confidence in these new skills. With our Activity and Climbing centres the possibilities are endless.

The age range for these exciting activity days is 8-14years, they have all the enthusiasm of younger children but longer attention spans, so sessions are all about safe learning through FUN. At this age there’s a growing awareness of teamwork and the children are more independent. Although they like to pretend that they are “pretty cool” and relaxed, the fact is that they are raring to go and full of energy to develop their confidence and social development.

Our Activity day camps include, trampoline park, adventure climbing walls, Outdoor laser combat, 200m zipwire and 19m high Dropzone, our climbing centre with instructors and now including our NEW indoor high ropes. Also, with team games and art projects there is certainly something for everybody.

This also includes juice/water throughout a cooked lunch with healthy options and an afternoon snack.

We really have thought of everything. So, you can relax knowing your children are in safe hands having the time of their lives.

For only £24.95 for a full day!

 All participants must wear trampoline socks purchased from (Finley Leisure) ROF 59.  Socks obtained from other sources will not be accepted.