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Step into a world of fantasy with our state-of-the-art laser tag facilities at ROF 59.

Whether you prefer to go it alone or form part of a solid squadron, we’re bound to have the perfect laser tag game for your group. Not too sure which game is the most suitable for your group? Panic not – our highly experienced team will be there to help you on the day and can suggest what thrill seeking games are the most suitable, depending on age and experience to ensure everyone has the best time possible.

Our outdoor laser tag arena offers you and your friends an experience like no other. Brace yourself for misty madness, immerse yourself in our atmospheric outdoor arena, and prepare the team for war. Equipped with state of the art combat equipment you’ll be sure to look the part as your crouch into one of ROF’s stealth-like sniping spots or lock onto your target from one of our platforms.

For £9.50pp during weekends, and £5pp after 4pm Mon-Thur, you and your buddies can quest for an hour, meaning you’ll be getting one heck of a bang for your buck!

From slow and stealthy new blood to gung-ho veterans, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time on the frontline. It doesn’t matter if you come as part of a birthday party, family day out, or stag and hen do, we’re confident that you’ll be itching to pull the trigger again sooner rather than later. So bring your friends and family and enjoy a day spent on high-alert immersing yourself in our building full of WW2 history!

Laser tag is the perfect mix of action, adrenaline and fun, If you have never played before it’s just like paintball without the pain; suitable for 8 years to 80.

Monday – Saturday  

10:15am – 8:15pm


10:15am – 6:15pm