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Where To Buy Cheap Phentermine 37.5, Phentermine Purchase Canada

IS YOUR CHILD DRIVING YOU CRAZY ABOUT THEIR BIRTHDAY PARTY? Let us take away the stress with our new online booking system, VIP Check in and dedicated party hosts. We take care of the details so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the experience too.

No matter the age, no matter the abilities, we have something for everybody, from trampolining, climbing, Outdoor Laser Combat, extreme activities – (200m Zipwire & 19m high DropZone) to our NEW Sensory party experiences for babies, toddlers and children/adults with disabilities. 

Our basic packages are NOW AVAILABLE TO BOOK ONLINE with more bespoke packages available by contacting us on 01325 728222 or by emailing hello@rof59.co.uk

Check out our most popular options below. Introducing our NEW Healthy food option & Sensory Parties.

Adventure Climb

30 minutes: £9.50, 1 hour: £13.00


30 minutes: £10.50, 1 hour: £15.00

Midweek offer – Mon, Wed & Thu, 1 Hours Bounce £10.50


30 minutes: £10.50, 1 hour: £15.00

Midweek offer – Mon till Thu, 1 Hours Laser: £9.50

Bounce & Climb 

30 minutes of each £14.50, 1 hour of each £22.50

Midweek offer – Mon, Wed & Thu, Pick two of 60 min bounce, 60 min laser or 30 min climb: £15

ROF 59 Climb Centre Parties

90 minutes: £17.50 (minimum of 6 in a party)

However, if none of these combinations are suitable we are more than happy to tailor your child’s party to your requirements. 


Sensory Parties

-Baby and Toddler Parties

Use of our Sensory room with sensory play (sensory play will include: sand, paint, orbeez, chalk drawing, etc) A picnic style buffet including: sandwiches, cucumber sticks, hummus, cheesy puffs, cookies, and milk or juice. (for an hour in the sensory room and 45mins in the party room.) 

FOR JUST £10.50


Food options

All of the above packages are include unlimited juice, hot dogs & fries with a bag of popcorn to take home. Or try our new Healthy Food Option – A selection of ham/cheese salad wraps, with cucumber and carrot sticks with hummus/mayo dips and nachos. Or you can upgrade for just an extra 50p per person for 2 slices of our 12″ hand stretched, stone baked pizzas with fries. 

And if that isn’t enough you can also include one of our NEW Star Slushes for an additional £2pp or a cone with a scoop of ice cream for just £1.50pp 

Should your guests have any special dietary requirements, speak to a member of our team and we will be happy to discuss other options with you.


In addition we can offer the following activities on top of your party package;

Zip Line & Drop Zone

1 Jump: £2pp


Invitations: £3 for 10 which are available for collection