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Phentermine Diet Pills Purchase, Buy Phentermine Cod Overnight

Our Schools, Clubs, and Group Rewards and Fun Sessions offer multi-sports sessions for boys and girls attending a variety of groups, clubs, and schools. Sessions are designed to instil enthusiasm in a range of sports – not just trampolining – and are a great way to learn, improve fitness, and develop in a safe, structured and fun environment. As well as improving their multi-sports skills, these sessions help pupils develop their confidence and make new friends.

GCSE climbing –  a pre-written GCSE climbing syllabus instructed by our professional and engaging instructors. From beginner to expert, Mathew, James and the team will be able to challenge and guide you all the way through to success whilst enjoying what you are doing.

History packages with our “BUNKER SCHOOL” – a day in the life of a WW2 soldier, a bit of military training and then hitting the war zone. Followed by some rest time writing letters home to our loved ones and then FUN in our activity centre!

We here at ROF 59 are very excited to introduce our new REBOUND THERAPY course with our trained coaches. Chilli and Gayle have worked with children from all backgrounds with a large variety of disabilities. Whether its 1:1 sessions or large group sessions this is bound to have a positive impact on all the participate.

This is just a taste of what we have to offer with so much more such as, Proms, Preschool graduations, Year 6 leavers, Team Building, Christmas Parties… and more.  

Contact us on or 01325 728 222 to speak to Chilli Mowbray.
We offer tailored packages to suit the needs of each school and community group.
Call Chilli for an informal chat to see how ROF can be used to enhance your school curriculum and group dynamics.